Shot Glasses

Restaurantware’s premium, fashionable shot glasses provide quick and efficient serving for tasting events, cocktail parties, weddings, and other catered affairs. Use our shooter glasses as a chic and refined way to serve individual desserts, tapas, hors d’oeuvres, liquid libations, and more.

Restaurantware offers an array of design-forward shot glasses and mini dessert glasses to fit all of your serving and plating needs. Our versatile shot glasses are excellent for pouring a round of lemon drop shots at the bar, or when elegantly presenting mini shrimp cocktails and bite-sized treats. No matter how you choose to use our bulk shooter glasses, you’ll appreciate their strong and durable construction -- designed to keep up with busy bars, restaurants, and catering companies.

Accentuate your artfully prepared individual desserts and creatively plated mini appetizers with Restaurantware’s shot glasses and tall shooter glasses for desserts.