Restaurantware tableware is a collection of only the finest products including dinnerware, drinkware, flatware, and servingware. We design all of our tableware to be not only fashionable and chic, but also friendly to your wallet and the environment. We have a vast collection that matches many different styles, so Restaurantware will have the perfect look for you no matter your setting or style.

Set your tables with our great selection of dinnerware, drinkware, and flatware. We have many different melamine, glass, and porcelain options for you. We have both dinner and appetizer plates as well as shot glasses and dessert cups. Round your look out with our trendsetting flatware including both spoons and chopstick rests.

Our servingware collection has many different options depending on what food you are serving. We have many unique items such as individual casserole pots, french fry cups, mini skillets, oil dispensers, and more. We have many different materials available including stainless steel, melamine, glass, bamboo, and wood. Find the perfect tableware to serve your menu today