Handheld Graters

Our handheld graters are a necessity in every chef's kitchen. Grate cheese, fruits, chocolate, veggies and more with Restaurantware's handheld graters. Our handheld graters have easy to grip plastic handles and come in extra fine, fine, and course varieties. Our graters and zesters give you a variety of options for your recipes. These graters help you grate many different foods effortlessly, so you can have more time creating and prepping other foods. These handheld graters are heavy duty and designed to last in commercial settings.

Not only do we have handheld graters, but we have box graters as well. Our grater collection has many different options for you and your business. Whether you work at a catering business, restaurant, bakery, bar, buffet, or other venue, Restaurantware has the right grater and other kitchen hand tools. Having the right tools and equipment for your business is vital to making sure your kitchen is running as efficient as possible. 

Our kitchen tool collection has many different options for you including graters, colanders, juicers, scoops, spoons, bowls, peelers, and more. Whether you are running a successful catering business or an renowned restaurateur, Restaurantware smallwares help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. With many different choices in scrapers, shears, whisks, and spatulas, our vast kitchen hand tool collection will have every tool you need for your venue.