Hand Juicers

Restaurantware's hand juicers are perfect for juicing lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits. Place the halved fruit in between the hinges to keep the rind and seeds out of your recipes. Our hand juicers are designed to be easily gripped, so you can juice your fruits easily and swiftly. Every dish needs a fresh element, and squeezing fresh juice for flavor is a perfect way to accomplish this.

These hand juicers are designed to easily juice lemons, limes, and more. We have many different sizes, styles, and designs to fit your needs in your kitchen. Our hand juicers can help in bars, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and more. Our hand juicers are the perfect solution when you want to squeeze fresh citrus juice into any dish.

Our kitchen tool collection has many different options for you including graters, colanders, juicers, scoops, spoons, bowls, peelers, and more. Whether you are running a successful catering business or an renowned restaurateur, Restaurantware smallwares help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. With many different choices in scrapers, shears, whisks, and spatulas, our vast kitchen tool collection will have every tool you need for your venue.