Box Graters

The key to exceptional box graters is durability. Also, execution. Also, user experience. And, yes, also, the ability to turn a block of cheese into perfectly sliced and shredded taco toppings. Restaurantware’s Met Lux four-sided cheese graters make the grade. Our graters are heavy-duty, easy to use, and get the job done quickly and precisely.

Sturdy and safe, our box graters are built for commercial kitchen use. These four-sided graters are perfect for shredding vegetables and cheeses of all kinds. The front and back of the graters feature stainless steel etched blades for maximum precision, while the sides make for great lemon zesters and nutmeg shredders. Their stainless steel construction and ergonomically designed handles assure that these box graters are a sturdy and an easy-to-use kitchen tool.

Our box graters promise durability, faultless execution, and outstanding user experience. Grate cheese, veggies and more with these high-quality box graters from Restaurantware.