Slicing Knives

The best slicing knife has a thin, long, extra-sharp blade that makes carving clean, consistent slices from large roasts and other pieces of meat quick and easy. Restaurantware’s premium slicing knife does all that -- plus, it boasts an ergonomic, sturdy handle that gives you excellent control of the blade.

Our professional slicing knives feature blades constructed from high quality, ultra-strong German steel. Plus, they’re designed with a long 11 inch blade that makes it simple to execute neat and precise slicing. In addition, Restaurantware’s slicing knife features a Granton edged blade that has multiple shallow divots -- keeping sliced meats and ingredients from sticking to the knife.

Restaurantware’s slicing knives are built to last and designed to boost productivity in the kitchen -- streamlining and perfecting your food prep, serving, and presentation. Use our durable slicing knife and Restaurantware’s collection of professional kitchen knives to outfit your kitchen for success.