Sharpening & Honing

Choose Restaurantware's sharpening and honing tools to keep your kitchen knives sharp and in ideal condition. Our sharpening tools are designed for you to get the most out of your knives by keeping them sharp. Having a flawlessly sharp knife makes your task in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. No more struggling to cut through meats, bread, and more - sharpen your knives with our sharpening and honing tools today. 

Both types of our knives, including the Japanese blue steel and back of the house German steel, will last for years in your kitchen if you take proper care of them. Sharpening your knives regularly is a vital task in taking care of your cutlery. We have many different options for you so you can make sure you have the perfect tool for your sharpest knives. 

 These sharpening tools complement our knife collection by keeping them efficient and storing them safely. Taking great care of your knives and cutlery will only help them last longer. Properly taken care of knives will last years in your kitchen. We have many different holders and sharpeners so you can select the right one for your business. These sharpening tools can be used in any kitchen that uses knives.