Knife Holders

Restaurantware's knife holders are the perfect addition to every kitchen. We have many different knife holders including ones that are magnetic with additional hooks for other kitchen hand tools. Our knife holders are vital for any kitchen looking to save space. No matter if you are looking for an innovative way to save storage space or searching for the most durable knife holder on the market, Restaurantware has the right choice for you.

Our knife holders excel at holding many different types of knives including chef's, boning, paring, bread, santoku, and more. Thus, these knife holders are useful in all kitchens including those in hotels, restaurants, buffets, bars, and more. You can mount our knife holders onto walls to save even more space. They are each designed to hold knives safely and securely, so you won't have to worry about running out of spaces or knives not being stowed properly. 

These knife holders complement our knife collection by keeping them efficient and storing them safely. Taking great care of your knives and cutlery will only help them last longer. Properly taken care of knives will last years in your kitchen. We have many different holders and sharpeners so you can select the right one for your business. Whether you use our back of the house or sensei blue knives, these knife holders will help keep store them easily.