Kitchen Knives / Cutlery

Restaurantware's kitchen knives and cutlery only includes the finest crafted knives, holders, sharpeners, and more. We have the perfect knives for every chef no matter what food they are prepping. Not only do we carry both luxury and back of the house knives, but we also have everything you need to keep them sharp and store them properly. Whether you want to invest in a luxury knife set or shop for HACCP protection knives, we have the right tool for you.

We have many different types of knives including boning, bread, chef's, santoku, paring, and more. No matter what food you're looking to make for your customers, our knives will only help you achieve the best results. Our VG-10 Japanese Steel Sensei collection features only our finest knives. These crafted knives feature only the best stainless steel blade with a fashionable blue handle. Restaurantware also has HACCP protection knives that include color coded pegs to insert into the knife handle. This helps eliminate the risk of cross contamination for your knives. You can match this with our great color coded cutting boards to keep your kitchen as safe as possible.

Our other products in our kitchen knives and cutlery collection includes our knife accessories such as holders and sharpeners. These products complement our knife collection by keeping them efficient and storing them safely. Taking great care of your knives and cutlery will only help them last longer. Properly taken care of knives will last years in your kitchen. We have many different holders and sharpeners so you can select the right one for your business.