Food Holding

Restaurantware's food holding smallwares provide attractive utility to cooking and serving efforts in your restaurant, buffet, or at your catered event. Our food holding collection includes bains marie, candy jars, cold food storage containers, condiment cups, steam table equipment, reusable take out bags and more. We have many different products, so you can always find the best look for you no matter your event or style.

Our bains marie, steam table pans, and cold food storage containers are the best products to stock in your kitchen. These products are made from the best material, so they are durable, reliable, and will last for years in your kitchen. We have many different sizes in all of our food holding smallwares, so you can use them for different foods. Whether you are looking for great serveware, tableware, or cookware, Restaurantware's smallware collection has the perfect products for you.

Our serveware and takeout smallwares include candy and snack jars, condiment cups, and washable paper bags. These products are innovative, reusable, and reliable. Restaurantware manufactures only the highest quality products, so you can be sure to find fashionable and reliable smallware. Our condiment cups are great to serve many different sauces, dips, and even appetizers. Our candy and snack jars are perfect for selling your delicious treats in a retail store. One of our most inventive products is our washable paper bag, which acts as a vegan leather. Your customers will love the creative and beautiful look of our smallware products.