Our mini clothes pins are the perfect addition to any restaurant, wedding, banquet, or other setting. These clothespins are great for securing name cards, menus, announcements, and more. Your guests and customers will appreciate the rustic feel that these mini decorative pieces add to every chic venue. Add a unique pizzazz when using our clothespins and other decorative smallwares. 

These products are disposable, but can easily be reused for different events. Our mini clothespins are perfect for pinning garnishes on drinks, notes to clothes lines, and more. These mini pieces are very versatile and can be used for any buffet, country club, restaurant, and more. Restaurantware's name card holders and clothespins are great to use on desks and labeling wedding tables. These clothespins are sold wholesale so you can be sure to have enough on hand for every event. 

Restaurantware's decorative collection includes all products you need to add the right touch of character to your tables, lobby, and more. Our clothespins, name card holders, and potted pieces are perfect for decorating any setting from restaurants and hotels to catered event such as weddings and banquets. We have many different decor options, so you can always find the right pieces to complement your setting, tableware, and overall look.