Cutting Board Racks

Organize your kitchen with Restaurantware's Met Lux Cutting Board Racks. Our cutting board racks are stainless steel and have 6 slots for easy, attractive storage. We know how many cutting boards you need to run a commercial kitchen, so invest in great storage to keep your tools organized. These cutting board racks can also be used to keep your counters neat in a private kitchen. Effortless kitchen organization starts with Restaurantware cutting board racks.

These stunning cutting board racks are made with stainless steel, so they will last for years in your kitchen. These racks are also easy to clean so you can make sure your cutting boards are sanitary. Our cutting board racks have six slots, so you can store six cutting boards of different sizes and shapes. This versatile tool helps solve your clutter problems when it comes to bulky cutting boards. 

Our cutting board racks go well with our other many tools and equipment. Mix and match these racks with our cutting boards, knives, and more. Restaurantware has the perfect cooking tools for you. Match our wonderful cookware with our kitchen hand tools and serving utensils to create the perfect look for your kitchen and your tables. Our tools are perfect for restaurants, catering businesses, bakeries, hotels, and more.