Swizzle Sticks

Restaurantware's swizzle sticks help you gently blend flavors within a cocktail. Simply insert into a tall glass to aerate, mix, and blend your cocktail.  Swizzle sticks are a great and unique way to enhance the delicious flavors of any drink. We make our shakers out of premium pinewood, so they are reliable and eco-friendly. Customers will love watching your bartenders use this innovative tool when creating one-of-a-kind cocktails.

Take your customers to the Caribbean with these swizzle sticks based off the traditional tool "le bois lele." This tool ensures that all flavors are mixed perfectly without over mixing. Our swizzle sticks are the trendsetting and a must have for every chic bar. You can use these to create many different cocktails. Each of our swizzle sticks measures 11.25 inches, so it's the perfect length to easily and quickly mix drinks for your customers.

Our swizzle sticks go well with other Restaurantware bar tools. This collection includes many different muddlers, straws, spoons, mugs, strainers, and more. All of our tools, supplies, and equipment work well together to help make your business efficient and cost-effective. Choose from our wide range of products to complete your business' back of the house kitchen and display tables. We have many different options in bar tools so you can mix and match for your perfect setup today.