Bar Tools

Restaurantware's bar tools have you covered to make creative craft cocktails and classic drinks. From bar spoons and strainers to shakers and jiggers, we have all of the bar tools you need to run a trendy and successful bar. We have many different colors and styles in our barware, so you can always be sure to have products that fit the look you want. Whether you are looking for your everyday barware or seeking something new for your next event, Restaurantware has the best option for you.

Our exclusive tableware for bars include spoons, strainers, picks, jiggers, shakers, and more. We only have the best products on the market and all of our tableware is made with premium materials. We have these in different colors such as stainless steel, copper-plated, gold-plated, and more. Restaurantware also has different styles and designs of barware, so you can always get the perfect products for your bartenders and your customers.

Beyond the more common bar tools, we also have specialized options including swizzle sticks, speed pourers, and straws. No matter what specialty cocktail you want to serve your guests, we have the products to make it happen. We also have many different ice tools for bars including ice molds and ice tongs. You can make differently shaped ice cubes including spheres, cubes, slabs, and even shot glasses. All of our bar tools can be mix-and-matched to create your ideal bar setting.