Met Lux Mesh Pizza Screen 12 inch 1 count box

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Restaurantware Met Lux Mesh Pizza Screen 12 inch Stainless Steel RWT0195 with food in background

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Product Description

The Met Lux Mesh Pizza Screen from Restaurantware is sure to help any pizzaiolo or aspiring chef to serve warm and crispy pizza crust that is sure to please! What makes a good pizza pie is the crust, and using this aluminum pizza screen will allow you to bake a wonderfully delectable pizza crust. The mesh screen allows the heat to cook right through the dough and toppings evenly. This pizza screen is made of aluminum, a metal that is used in most cookware because it's durable, lightweight, and has the ability to quickly conduct heat throughout, making it the ideal tool for baking mouth-watering pizzas. Aluminum rims reinforce the pizza mesh screen’s durability and allow for easy handling. Made to hold 12-inch sized pizzas or smaller measuring at 12 inches in length and height. One silver-colored pizza screen per case.

RWT0195 Product Details
Product Material Aluminum
Product Color Silver
Pack Size 1 X 1 BX
Case Quantity 1
Product Length 12 inches
Product Width 12 inches
Product Height 0.2 inches
Product Size 0 ounces