Pastry Ring Moulds

Restaurantware's pastry ring moulds will support your efforts to make sweet and savory culinary creations in an elegant round shape. Keep the ring in place as you bake or build, then remove to reveal your food's impressive form.  We have many different sizes available, so you can find the perfect pastry molds for the goods you're making. We make our ring moulds out of premium stainless steel, so they withstand a lot in the kitchen and last for years.

Our pastry ring moulds are perfect for use in restaurants, buffets, hotels, and other businesses. Our moulds come in many different sizes, so you can find the best one for your menu. You can use these in many ways including making shortcakes, mousses, cakes, and pastries. However, these can be used for savory options as well such as perfect poke bowls, stacks, and more. A mould is the key to getting a perfect shape to any dish.

Our baking tools go well with other Restaurantware equipment and supplies. Our great baking collection includes many different silicone mats, baking sheets, and pizza screens. All of our tools, supplies, and equipment work well together to help make your business efficient and cost-effective. Choose from our wide range of products to complete your business' back of the house kitchen and display tables. We have many different options in baking tools so you can mix and match for your perfect setup today.