Induction Cooktops

Restaurantware's counter top induction cookers are energy efficient and portable. Perfect for use at tasting events, food demonstrations, and omelets stations, our counter top cookers use induction technology creating heat directly in the bottom of the pot or pan, preventing heat dissipation, and keeping your kitchen cool. In home and commercial versions available. Save energy and money today by using our dependable induction cookers.

Induction cookers are great for buffet stations, catered events, home brew set ups, and more. These cookers are only compatible with induction ready pots and pans. Induction cookers heat very quickly and make it easy to control temperatures with the gauge. Induction cookers are also the best choice when safety is a concern. If you are catering an event where children will be running around, induction cookers are better than open flames.

Since induction cookers only heat when they come in contact with an induction ready pot or pan, the heat is very contained. Thus, this saves energy, is safer, and more efficient than regular cooking tops. This cookware would be perfect for RVs, camping, buffets, hotels, concession stands, and more. With commercial and home cook tops available, you can purchase the right one for you.