This chafing equipment is constructed with welded stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning. Keep your entrees and sides hot for the duration of the buffet service with our elegant chafing options. Many of our chafers have a glass window for convenient food visibility. In addition to our variety of chafing equipment for buffets, catering and banquet events, we offer chafing supplies including chafing dish fuel holders and warming units.

Chafing equipment is vital to the success of any buffet or catered event. This equipment ensures that all of your food, especially meat and poultry, stay at the appropriate temperature. This reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses and keeps your event as safe as possible. Our chafers also serve food in a clean and fashionable way, so your customers will see how professional you and your team are. We have many different sizes and styles of chafing equipment, so you can choose which fits best with your company.

Restaurantware also has a variety of chafing accessories, including warming units and burners. These accessories are made specifically for our chafers, so you can always be sure that they work well together. Your customers will love the great look of our chafing equipment. Whether you're running a busy buffet, catered banquet, or other event, our chafers are the perfect serving vessel to use. You can pair these with our other tools and equipment to create a sophistacated, food-safe setting.