Can Openers

Restaurantware's can openers are an important tool in every kitchen. Our can openers will swiftly open cans, are easy to clean, and will last for years to come. We have many different types of can openers, including our table mounted can openers. Restaurantware can openers are designed for heavy duty, commercial use. Thus, you can use these in many different settings where opening cans quickly and efficiently is vital.

Our commercial can openers are perfect for many different businesses including restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, stadiums, and more. Restaurantware can openers save time and effort when it comes to opening many differently sized cans. These can openers are adjustable, so you can easily open many types of cans. They are also easy to disassemble so you can clean them efficiently and quickly. This equipment is the perfect solution to all can opening needs.

Our industrial grade can openers go well with other Restaurantware equipment. Our great equipment line includes many different chafing tools, dispensers, heat seal machines, and induction cooktops. All of our tools and equipment work well together to help make your business efficient and cost-effective. Choose from our wide range of products to complete your business' back of the house kitchen and display tables.