Green Sevarome Powder Food Coloring 100g

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Green Sevarome Powder Food C 419726

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Product Description

This Pistachio Green Savarome Food Coloring will come to you in a 100G contianer, it is a water-soluble powdered food coloring that you can use to add color to your macaroons, sugars and a variety of other culinary treats. This is a concentrated food coloring that works best when used in desserts that are not fat based. In addition, you only have to use a little of this food coloring to add a beautiful color to your edible creations. It is commonly used in bakeries, restaurants or in any facility that uses a lot of food coloring.

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Product Color
Pack Size 1 X 1BX
Case Quantity 1
Product Length 4.1 inches
Product Width 8.2 inches
Product Height 11.75 inches
Product Size 3.53 ounces