Candied Peels

People have been munching on, and putting candied peels on top of, cakes and pastries dating back to the 14th century. It's a sweet nectarous snack that has seen empires rise and fall, stood the test of time, and remains popular with so many sweet-tooths and cake connoisseurs. Restaurantware is proud to offer deliciously tart Alba brand wholesale candied peels for you to add flavor and zest to any sweet serving or baked goods. These piquant confections will add an extra kick to any pound cake, pancake, waffle, or fruitcake, and they can also be enjoyed alone as a snack with tea or coffee.

These candied peels from Alba will not only make fruity confections taste sweeter, but will also help garnish hem with their bright, colorful glaze. Made and preserved with sugar, our Alba lemon peels offer a tart and lucious zip to any culinary treat. Whether on lemon bread or lemon squares, you can use these candied peels as decorations on cakes, in desserts and cupcakes, or as a simple stand-alone snack.

Likewise, our Alba candied orange peels are tiny candy-coated sticks of citrousy sweetness that you can chop up and add to pound cake, dip into chocolate, or for puddings, custards, and pies.

Whatever the kind of cake or pastries you’re making, these wholesale candied peels are a must-have for bakeries, restaurants and catering companies.