Restaurantware's edible selection features top brands like Patis France, Alba, Nielsen Massey, and Bonne Maman. Streamline your cooking efforts with delicious ingredients, decorations, tarts, shells, and cones. All of the edibles we sell are made with only the best ingredients, so you can be sure to only serve quality food to your customers. We carry many different edibles ranging from gluten free shells to kosher tartlets and chocolate garnishes. No matter what event you have, you can find the best edibles for your business at Restaurantware.

Our edible collection has a large range of tarts, shells, cones, and more. Our different tart shells complement custards and fillings well. Thus, you can make your flavors shine while avoiding the hassle of baking individual shells. We have many different types of tartlets such as shortcrust, flower, square, and more. We also have both sweet and neutral shells, so you can serve more than just desserts. Along with tarts and shells, Restaurantware also has a great selection of waffle cones and bowls.

Beyond tarts and shells, Restaurantware also has a variety of decorations, extracts, cooking liqueurs, food coloring and more. These products are only from the top brands, so you can be sure to only use the best ingredients in your cooking and baking. Our edibles collection is designed to help make your life easier in the kitchen. These products are great when you have to create delicious appetizers or desserts for large crowds.