Collezione Pulpa Bagasse Medium Clamshell 9x6 inch 100 count box

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Restaurantware Collezione Pulpa Bagasse Medium Clamshell 9x6 inch RWA0197 with food in background

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Product Description

These Collezione Pulpa Bagasse Medium Clamshells will be sent to you in a 100 count box, each one exudes all the qualities you would want from a take out container. First off, they are durable and strong enough to hold the take out orders you sell. Second off, they are eco-friendly, which means they are safe for the environment. Thirdly, these medium clamshells are microwave and refrigerator safe. Fourth, they are the ideal take out containers for any restaurant who plans to send home leftovers with their guests. The lists of qualities that come from these clamshells goes on and on, the fact is you are going to be impressed and amazed by these Bagasse clamshells, so check them out for yourself and order them now. PRODUCT NOTE: According to State of California standards, products made from bagasse may contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.

RWA0197 Product Details
Product Material Bagasse
Product Color White
Pack Size 100 x 1 BX
Case Quantity 100
Product Length 9 inches
Product Width 6 inches
Product Height 1.8 inches
Product Size 0 ounces