#1 News Print with Kraft Interior Bio Box Take Out Container 30 ounce 200 count box

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Product Description

These #1 eco-friendly bio box take out containers come in a 200 count box, each one holds 30 ounces. These take out containers are the best environmentally friendly way to allow your restaurant customers to take home their leftovers. These take out bio boxes are also durable, strong and make the perfect containers for fast food restaurants, food trucks or any establishment that gets a lot of take out orders. Your guests will be happy with the durability of these boxes and the unique touch they give to the food you place in them. These boxes also add a modern flair to your establishment since they have a news print design with a kraft interior.

RWA0146NP Product Details
Product Material Paper
Product Color News Print
Pack Size 50 X 4 BX
Case Quantity 200
Product Length 5.1 inches
Product Width 4.1 inches
Product Height 2.6 inches
Product Size 30 ounces