Shock Safe To Go Packaging 3 Macarons 100 sets count box

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Restaurantware Shock Safe To Go Packaging 3 Macarons 100 Plastic RWP0214B with food in background

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Product Description

These durable and beautiful macaron packages are perfect when taking your decadent treats to go. Each Shock Safe package has three layers, a tray, cover, and lid. This triple protection ensures that your macarons will be safe while on-the-go. The trays are black while the cover and lid are clear, so they match any decor and also showcase your treats beautifully. Each case comes with 100 of these sets, so you can be sure to get as many as you need. This Shock Safe To Go Packaging holds 3 macarons and measures 5.7 inch long by 2.2 inch wide by 1.4 inch high. These packages are also made of plastic, so you and your customers can give back to our planet by recycling.

RWP0214B Product Details
Product Material Plastic
Product Color Black
Pack Size 100 X 1 BX
Case Quantity 100
Product Length 5.7 inches
Product Width 2.2 inches
Product Height 1.4 inches
Product Size 0 ounces