Basket Liners and Food Wraps

Restaurantware liners and food wraps are great to line many different vessels such as baskets, french fry cups, and serving plates. We have many different options in this collection including our gastronomia food grade paper wrap and ripple aluminum wraps. These wraps and liners are a necessity in take out services because they are disposable, convenient, and keep food fresh with ease.

Our food grade paper wrap comes in a chic newspaper design, so it matches many different settings. This wrap fits perfectly into many different baskets, cones, and trays, so you can use it in many different ways. Your customers will love the news print design because it is trendsetting and stunning. We also have a great collection of aluminum foil ripple wrap and basket liners. We have various colors in our foil wraps including silver, blue, green, navy, red, pink, and polka dot. These liners are very versatile - you can use them to line vessels, wrap burgers, and serve hot dogs.

Restaurantware's wraps and liners go well with many other products we carry such as takeout boxes, food containers, and heat seal bags. We offer many different products to help you complete the look you want easily. Our products are made with the best material around, so they are beautiful, reliable, and eco-friendly. Spice up your deli, delivery service, bakery, or cafe with our great selection of food grade wraps and liners.