Incline Bowl Seagreen 6.5 ounce 100 count box

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Product Description

Create the perfect mixed greens salad bowl with these uniquely designed seagreen incline serving bowls. Their sloped incline edge gives these plastic bowls a stylish design, as well as a convenient way to scoop up salads, rice, desserts, or any other appetizing fare. Made from quality recyclable plastics, these bowls are durable, sturdy and disposable. The seagreen hue on the clear plastic gives them a chic upscale feel and will elevate the elegance of all your small bowl servings. Each Incline Bowl Seagreen holds 6.5 ounce and is shipped in bulk in a 100 count box.

RWP0040G Product Details
Product Material Plastic
Product Color seagreen
Pack Size 20 X 5 BX
Case Quantity 100
Product Length 4.25 inches
Product Width 4.25 inches
Product Height 2.75 inches
Product Size 6.5 ounces


  • 4
    Just What I Needed!!

    Posted by Francisco Ramos on 5th May 2015

    I only rated it 4 stars because I have not used them yet.
    But the same day I placed my order..they also shipped it. I got my bowls in 4 days!
    Love the shape and how lightweight it is. Really wanted them in clear though not the shagreen..

  • 5
    I recommend you use these bowls

    Posted by Edna Harding on 28th Jul 2014

    I recommend you use these incline bowls to serve your desserts and appetizers, they are super pretty and heavy duty. Some of the best disposable bowls that I have ever used in my catering career.

  • 5
    Exquisite Design!

    Posted by Tina Mullins on 14th Jan 2014

    These bowls have an exquisite design, they are truly lovely. I love using these to show off my culinary masterpieces.

  • 5
    best with dips

    Posted by William L. Jackson on 10th Feb 2012

    This incline bowl seagreen are made for sauces and dressings. Your mustard or mayo will look more delicious with this bowl, and your thousand islands will be counted millions. Thanks to this bowl.

  • 4
    Can't go wrong

    Posted by Taesha on 2nd Aug 2011

    There is no way any food that is place in these looks bad. These bowls certainly bring any food to a new height of beauty. The way these are designed is purely a work of art.

  • 5
    Versatile dish

    Posted by Louis Rivera on 24th Jul 2011

    If you love having dishes in your catering kitchens that you can use for lots of things, then these bowls are exactly what you need. They work great for lots and lots of things. They make food much more eye appealing than a regular bowl.