Boats & Canoes

Wooden food boats and canoes are a stylish and charming way to serve some of your most delectable dishes. Just like your best-prepared meals, their beauty lies in their simplicity. Restaurantware has a vast collection of disposable and reusable wooden food boats that are sure to bring an authentic and rustic aesthetic to any savory dish you serve. Our boats and canoes are eco-friendly and sustainable, which means that you’ll be helping the environment as you satisfy your customers. Simple and chic, these wooden food boats come in your choice of bamboo, wood, and paper.

Our durable paper boats come in either black, kraft or newsprint designs, and are perfect for sliders, sandwiches, sashimi, salads, onion rings, chicken wings or any other bite-sized morsels that you offer. Additionally, we have fry pockets to fill up with those fresh-out-the-fryer French fries. Restaurantware’s wooden food boats, canoes, and paper boats go well with our other disposable tableware options, including mini-bowls and cups, plates, spoons and serving cones.

Our collection of wooden food boats and canoes will bring an air of sophistication and style to any food item or appetizer served at your hotel, catering business, or restaurant.