Restaurantware knows that straws can be a nuisance to the environment. We also know that they’re important for drinking cold soft drinks and smoothies. That’s why we offer a varied and assorted collection of chic, yet environmentally responsible, disposable straws, plastic straws and paper straws.

We have sustainable paper straws with bamboo designs, as well as straws with red barber-style stripes, black stripes, pink stripes, yellow spirals, and polka dots. We also have unwrapped PLA compostable straws that go perfectly with our Basic Nature PLA Cold Drinking Cups. For more muddled or adult beverages, we have stylish copper-plated spoon straws, as well as copper-plated drinking straws for cocktails served in stemmed glasses and tumblers.  

Restaurantware's disposable drinking straws, plastic straws and paper straws are perfect for sodas, spritzers, and spirits, and are crafted with food-grade materials and all-natural dyes. Their irresistibly fun, luxurious designs will enhance the look of any drink, and they’re durable enough for all kinds of cool and warm beverages. Give parties, soda parlors, and craft cocktails a festive twist with these environment-friendly straws.