Restaurantware's stirrers for coffee, tea, juices, and infusions, will complete your beverage station and carry out drink service. We have many different styles in our stirrers, so you can find the perfect one for your business today. Whether you are looking for a unique stirrer for your coffee bar, juice shop, or other setting, choose from our great selection. These stirrers are durable, beautiful, and eco-friendly.

Our bamboo stirrers are not only trendsetting, but they are also biodegradable. Thus, you won't have to worry once you throw these away; they break down naturally. Our bamboo stirrers are a great alternative to standard plastic varieties. They also add a rustic look to your coffee, juice, tea, or other beverage. These stirrers are also specially designed to mix hot and cold drinks with ease. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of these bamboo stirrers.

Restaurantware's stirrers go well with many other products we carry such as coffee cups, cold drinking cups, and more. We offer many different products to help you complete the look you want easily. Our products are made with the best material around, so they are beautiful, reliable, and eco-friendly. Spice up your coffee shop, juice bar, bakery, or cafe with our great selection of stirrers.