Stirrers are essential for drinks and beverages that require milk, sugar, cinnamon, or any other soluble ingredient to enhance their flavor. Once used, however, stirrers are usually discarded and trashed. That’s why Restaurantware offers plastic stirrers and disposable stirrers that are as environmentally friendly as they are trendy and practical.  

Our bamboo disposable stirrers are biodegradable, and are designed with a paddle on the end for easy handling and use. These disposable stirrers are a great alternative to standard plastic varieties, while also giving any coffee, tea, or juice a trendy look and feel. Made from durable and sturdy all-natural bamboo, these stirrers can be used in both hot or cold beverages.

These eco-friendly and food safe stirrers measure in at 6 inches, making them long enough for any sized drink. Perfect for use in bakeries, coffee shops, hotels, and more, our natural disposable stirrers are just what you need for your coffees, teas, juices and other confections.