Restaurantware's food pipettes for transferring prepared sauces, liqueurs or other liquids to cupcakes, potatoes, small appetizers and more. Our disposable flavor injectors moderate the moisture for culinary creations, providing a thorough and steady expansion of flavor profile. Bakeries, fine restaurants, and foodie event businesses ever expand the purpose of mini pipettes in preparation, presentation, and food decoration.

We have three different sizes of pipettes so you can choose which one would work best for your project. Whether you are creating a delicious dessert or infusing bread, our plastic pipettes are great for the job. All of our pipettes are clear, plastic, and recyclable. They are eco-friendly and among the best on the market. Gastronomy is a huge trend right now and using pipettes can put a nod towards the practice on your menu.

Our pipettes are available for wholesale, so you can always make sure you have enough on hand. Restaurantware strives to make all of our tableware cost-effective, so you can have style and stick to your budget. Our pipettes are perfect for any event. Your customers will love the interaction they have when they squeeze the extra flavor into their food. Food infusion is definitely something to try out to give your guests a new experience. Pipettes are always a great addition to your menu.