Enhance the look and feel of orders, servings, and cocktails of all kinds with Restaurantware's varied selection of bamboo paddle skewers and paddle picks. Unlike traditional skewers and picks, paddles come with handles, some of which can have logos or words printed on the stem to add an extra dimension to food presentations. Additionally, all our bamboo paddle skewers and bamboo paddle picks are eco-friendly and disposable.

Our bamboo paddle skewers are sturdy and sharp enough to pierce through raw and cooked meats, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. They can also be used to secure sandwiches, burgers, and other grilled and deli-style fare. We also offer a customizable option so you can mark your paddles with your business' name or logo.

The bamboo paddle picks are a perfect way to enhance any mini dessert, appetizer, cocktail, or other small-sized treats. They can bring an air of simple sophistication to any cocktail served with cherries, strawberries or olives. The thicker skewer picks are good for larger appetizers and foods, like pineapple slices, corn kabobs or meat samples. 

Restaurantware’s heat and water resistant paddles offer functionality and customizable solutions for all types of restaurants, caterers and kitchens.