Food Markers

Restaurantware's food-marker skewers take the guesswork out of food labeling. Inspire confidence in your guests with labeled paddles for food preparation: rare, medium, medium rare, and well done for entrees and vegan and gluten free for dietary restrictions and allergies. Your customers will appreciate how you take the extra step to label their food with the appropriate exclusions or meat temperature.

Made from organic bamboo, our food marker picks are biodegradable so you can feel great about helping our environment while keeping your customers safe. These food marker skewers are perfect for labeling buffet tables at weddings, banquets, and other catered events. We offer these picks wholesale so you can make sure to always have the right amount on hand. Food marker skewers are a necessity, especially when serving large crowds, to keep your guests away from food that could harm them.

These picks go well with our other bamboo and wood skewers. We have a vast collection of decorative, knotted, paddle, and beaded skewers so you can take your food display to the next level. These picks would also complement our large selection of bamboo and wood tableware including plates, bowls, cups, flatware, and more. Mix and match Restaurantware products to find the perfect look for your business. Our food marker picks are the perfect choice for buffets, restaurants, steakhouses, hotels, and more.