Food Markers

Mark your meat! Restaurantware’s food skewers and steak markers have “medium,” “medium rare,”  or “medium well,” stamped on their paddles to help your staff and customers distinguish the temperature or cooked style of any particular piece of steak, fish, chicken, or vegan dish. These skewers are perfect for restaurants, catering companies, big party environments, and other food facilities that serve a lot of steak, fish and other proteins.

Restaurantware’s food skewers and steak markers take the guesswork out of labeling, while also giving the food a charming presentation. Inspire confidence in your guests with labeled paddles that read “rare,” “vegan,” or even “gluten-free,” for entrees that call for dietary restrictions and allergies. Your customers will appreciate how you take the extra step to label their food with the appropriate exclusions, or meat temperatures.

Made from organic bamboo, our disposable food skewers and steak markers are biodegradable, which means they’ll help reduce waste and keep things green and eco-responsible. Perfect for labeling buffet tables at weddings, banquets, and other catered events, our food skewers and steak markers are just what you need for proper food labeling and presentations of all kinds.