Picks & Skewers

Engage in Restaurantware's exciting collection of picks and skewers. We have many different skewers and picks that are used in different ways. Whether you want a small pick to hold garnishes in a drink or a longer skewer for grilling, Restaurantware has the right one for you. Our skewers are sold in wholesale boxes, so you can always make sure that you have plenty for your restaurant, bar, event, or other setting.

Skewers and picks are a staple in many different locations. Our most popular picks are our knotted and paddle picks which come in many different sizes. These picks are versatile and easy to style. We also have many other all-natural picks and skewers if you are looking for a more eco-friendly style. These skewers can be used to either serve a bite-sized appetizer or a decoration for a drink. Additionally, the large size can be used for grilling kebabs and other delicious food.

We also have many decorative picks including beaded, colored, sports, feathers, and more. These skewers add a special touch to every table. Every pick we carry has it's own unique style and can be used in many different ways. We have a very extensive collection including smiley faces, burgers, pine cones, food markers, and more. Skewered appetizers are easy to eat when guests are conversing, so definitely purchase some picks and skewers today.