Restaurantware's paper placemats are attractive, versatile and practical for everyday use and special occasions. These durable paper placemats are compliant with FDA regulations for food safety, yet decorative to add style and sophistication to tables and bars. Pair our thick paper placemats with disposable napkins, cutlery and glasses to make cleanup easy and efficient.

We have many different styles of place mats including semi-disposable and single use. Each style brings a unique experience to every table and is perfect for different settings. Our semi-disposable placemats are great for about 10 uses, so you can save money by reusing them. These come in many different styles such as rustic wood, river stone, slate, and hot chili prints. All of the designs bring a chic look to every table.

If you want a placemat for one time use, then we also have plenty options for that as well. These are made of paper and come in grey, white, black, and burgundy red. These placemats are very durable and resilient, so you won't have to worry about your customers making a mess. Our place mats go well with our other disposables such as tableware, utensils, cups, and more.