Restaurantware's disposable napkins are soft, yet durable with maximum absorption. Our large selection of dinner, cocktail, and kangaroo napkins provides you with an array of styles and sizes to choose from. With the feel and look of linen or cloth, our cotton napkins offer an upscale bar or dining experience with the convenience of disposable napkins.

We have many different styles of napkins including cocktail, dinner, kangaroo, wet towelettes, expandable towels, and cotton disposable napkins. Each style brings a unique experience to every table. Our cocktail and dinner napkins come in a variety of different colors including white, black, grey, picnic, red, burgundy, blue, brown and more. These napkins also come in different designs such as threaded, and greco, vintage. Restaurantware also has kangaroo napkins in these colors and designs that are pre-folded to hold a fork, knife and spoon of your choice.

This collection also includes specialty napkins such as wet towelettes and expandable towels. Our Napluxe wet napkin is lavender scented and will impress your guests after they eat seafood, rib,s or any other messy meal. Our expandable towel is perfect when you don't have much storage space but still want a luxury napkin for your guests. All you have to do is wet the compressed towel and it expands to a full size moist towelette. Lastly, we have our popular line of cotton disposable napkins. These napkins are made from eco-friendly napkins, but are designed with the convenience of being disposable.