Napkins & Placemats

Choose Restaurantware as your leading supplier of elegant napkins and place mats. We have many different styles of both, so you can take your time in selecting the best one for your business. We have many different materials in napkins and place mats in case you want something unique. Every business needs a great napkin and a great place mat to show their customers how much thought goes into their entire experience. At Restaurantware, we have luxury options of both comfortable and beautiful napkins.

Our napkin collection is extensive with many different designs, colors, and styles. Whether you want to go with our Super Lux collection for high end customer or with our Micropoint collection for the bright colors, Restaurantware is the best place to go. We also have great cotton disposable options which add a sophisticated and elegant look to any table. If your customers are eating crab, ribs, or another messy meal, then we have wet napkins as well. These smell wonderfully and are durable to clean up any mess.

Our place mats are great for creating a beautiful table spread for your customers. These place mats come in beautiful colors and designs, so you can choose which one to use for your tables. We have place mats in both one-time use and semi-disposable. Both of these designs are convenient, eco-friendly, and durable. Your customers will love the look that both our place mats and napkins will add to your table.