Lemon Wraps

Some dishes just need the zesty kick of freshly squeezed lemon juice. But pulp and unsightly seeds can ruin a meal’s presentation, flavor, and experience. That’s where Restaurantware’s lemon wraps with band come in handy. Malleable, durable, and disposable, our lemon wraps come with a choice of an elastic band or green satin ribbon.

Cook your seafood or lemon chicken with confidence. Serve a lemon slice with a beverage or beer without the mess. Add a drop of lemon or two to that freshly brewed tea without leaving seeds at the bottom of the cup. Whatever you need, these lemon wraps will make sure that only the lemon’s juices get through.

Eco-friendly and disposable, you can discard the lemon wrap along with the lemon slice after use. The convenience and ease of these lemon wraps make them a top product for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, and more.