Lemon Wraps

Restaurantware's lemon wraps, available with a ribbon or elastic, will help your guests enjoy the zesty juice and prevent seeds from falling into their meals. These lemon wraps can be used in any setting for seafood, tea, and more. They are a chic and trendsetting way to serve lemon halves and slices with your food or beverages.

We have two different styles of lemon wraps - with an elastic band and with a green satin ribbon. Each style is perfect to serve as a garnish with any meal or cocktail. Our lemon wraps are also yellow in color to match the beautiful, natural color of lemons. Since these are specially designed with lemons in mind, they fit perfectly and will catch any seed before it falls into your drink or food.

Our lemon wraps are also disposable, so you can just throw it and the lemon away after use. The convenience and ease of these lemon wraps make them a top product in many restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, and more. We sell this as wholesale, so you can always make sure you have the right amount for your business. Your customers will love the beautiful look and convenience these lemon wraps bring to your tables.