Wood Flatware

Restaurantware's flatware are a great option for serving with your appetizers, main course, or dessert. These utensils are versatile and great for many settings. We have many different styles and sizes of flatware, so you can always be sure that you have the perfect set for your restaurant or takeout business. You can use the variety of flatware and other disposables we have to create your desired look.

Our flatware collection includes many different utensils such as spoons, forks, knives, and dessert spoons. We have flatware in many different sizes including mini, dinner, and more so you can have the perfect utensil with the food you're serving. We also have many different materials in flatware including plastic, PLA compostable plastic, bamboo, wood, and more. All of this flatware is disposable so you won't have to worry about dishwashing after your event.

We sell our flatware as wholesale, so you can always be sure you have enough for your next event. You can choose from the many different colors we have in disposable flatware including white, black, clear, silver, and natural wood/bamboo. We also have great pre-wrapped cutlery options so you can already have your table ready to go. Restaurantware flatware is perfect to serve with our great collection of disposable straws, napkins, placemats, and tableware. Mix and match our different collections to complete your business' trendsetting look.