Bamboo Chopsticks

Restaurantware's chopsticks are stylish and durable for your serving and catering needs. Enhance the eating experience for your guests when you serve rice, ramen, and pad thai with our premium wooden chopsticks. Our chopsticks are crafted to make eating with them easier, convenient, and available to all customers. These chopsticks are perfect for Asian inspired restaurants including Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, and more.

We have many different types of chopsticks such as modern, twisted, contour, and chop fork duos. All of these chopsticks are chic, stylish, and cost-effective. Our modern and twisted chopsticks are beautifully crafted to look more chic than standard varieties. Our cedar contour chopsticks come pre-wrapped with a paper tab, so it will look great on every table. Lastly, if your guests aren't able to use chopsticks easily, then we have our chop fork duo which features chopsticks on one end but is also connected to a fork end.

All of our chopsticks are made of all-natural bamboo or wood. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you can feel great about using these and lessening your impact on the environment. We only use the finest materials available, so our chopsticks look stunning and are very sturdy. These chopsticks go well with our other Asian inspired products such as bamboo steamers, sushi boats, and chopstick rests.