Drinking Cups & Lids

Restaurantware's drinking cups and lids are a great disposable alternative to use at your next event. Use for smoothies, milkshakes, soda, water, and more. We have many different styles and sizes of drinking cups, so you can always be sure that you have the perfect one for your restaurant or takeout business. You can use the variety of drinking cups we have to create your desired look.

Our drinking cup collection includes many different styles such as compostable drinking cups, stackable cups, frosted cups, and more. Our compostable drinking cups are made from plant-based plastic and have dome and flat lids available. Restaurantware's collection of drinking cups and lids offer an eco-friendly beverage serving solution to juice bars, smoothie shops, and cafes.

We sell our plasticware as wholesale, so you can always be sure you have enough for your next event. All of our drinking cups are made with durable and recyclable plastic, so you can be sure that you are stylish and eco-friendly. These smoothie and cold cups are perfect to serve with our great collection of disposable straws. We have many different sizes so you can provide your customers with different options.