Café Cups

There are times when diners want to cap off a meal with a cup of coffee, or enjoy their dessert with tea served in a simple, yet comforting, café cup. Restaurantware offers a collection of modern disposable café cups in various colors to best suit your catering, banquet or restaurant needs. Each one has the appearance of traditional glassware, but are a better alternative for those looking for disposable plastic café cups.

Our disposable café cups are designed with ample rounded-square rims, a deep broad basin, and a sturdy wide handle, giving them a modern clean look and feel. Choose from 5 ounce black, white, and seagreen café cups, or our 2-ounce clear mini café cup.

Eco-friendly, sturdy and elegant, our disposable café cups will add to the overall elegance of any tablescape and décor.  All of our café cups are made with durable and recyclable plastic and are perfect for serving coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at restaurants, parties, catered weddings, and other galas.