Coffee Cup Lids

Restaurantware's coffee and tea cup lids are available for all of our hot cups. We have many different styles and colors in coffee and tea cup lids, so you aren't stuck with just one option. Our coffee cup lid line is also designed to be more convenient and easier for our customers. We sell all of our coffee cups and lid with wholesale options as well so you can be sure you're getting the best product for the right price.

We have two differently sized lids; one fits our 4 ounce coffee cups and one fits our 8, 12, and 16 ounce cups. Since our larger sized coffee cups have one lid that fits them all, you can save space in storage and buy what is convenient for your business. Our coffee cup lids are made from durable and recyclable plastic, so they are reliable and eco-friendly. We have different styles including our Restaurantware style, Restpresso and ones with heart plugs. Both are chic and unique, so your customers will love both.

Our coffee cup lid line also feature many different colors including white, black, grey, hot pink, and lime green. Each lid brings a different character to your coffee cup. You can mix and match our trendsetting coffee and tea lids with our extensive collection of different hot cups. Create your unique look today using Restaurantware coffee and tea cups and lids.