Plastic Wine Glasses

Restaurantware’s upscale, plastic wine glasses are elegantly designed and conveniently disposable for weddings, anniversaries, galas, and wine tastings. Your guests will enjoy the premium quality, light-weight plastic wine glasses for craft cocktails, champagne toasts, and dessert presentations. Restaurantware’s plastic wine glasses are shipped in bulk, for wholesale pricing. All plastic wine glasses are available online now for the lowest prices with convenient and fast shipping.

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Plastic Wine Glasses Information

Wine glasses are great for drinks and desserts

Our wine glasses are great for wine, cocktails, champagne, and many other drinks. However, they are also easy to turn into bowls for desserts. You can mix and match these with our other plastic products to complete your look.

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Save the planet with compostable plastic

Our wine glasses are made of innovative plastic, but they are not the most environmentally friendly although they are recyclable. Our PLA collection aims to help the eco-dilemma because they are compostable.

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Let your guests make a toast in style with our premium plastic wine and champagne glasses. Restaurantware offers a great selection of durable, plastic glasses for those catered special occasions. From flutes to goblets and everything in between, you can find the perfect glasses here at Restaurantware.

Never shatter another glass

Restaurantware has one of the biggest collection of premium plastic wine & champagneglasses, each glass that we offer in our collection is made out of durable, stylish material. Your guests won't have to worry about their glass breaking as they make the perfect toast at your wedding, dinner party or other special occasion.

You will find premium champagne flutes, high quality wine glasses and much more here at Restaurantware. You just can't beat the quality, style, design and price of our premium plastic wine & champagne glasses so go ahead, order your glasses now.

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