Plastic Shot Glasses

Restaurantware’s plastic shot glasses are designed for catered events, food shows and restaurants as disposable tableware for hand-crafted shots, small tastes, and desserts. Choose disposable, recyclable plastic shot glasses instead of permanent tableware to streamline your serving process and expedite your clean-up. All plastic shot glasses are available now online for the lowest prices with convenient and fast shipping.

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Plastic Shot Glasses Information

Our mini shot glasses are versatile

These mini shot glasses work well, not only on drinks, but also on food. There is no shortage of creative ways to elegantly incorporate these into any catered event. They can also be paired with our other plastic tableware to create a unique display.

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PLA: An eco-friendlier alternative

Although our shot glasses are small, they have a big impact on our environment. You can recycle them, but our recycling centers are getting out of hand. Thus, we have our PLA plastic products that are eco-friendlier. They are compostable as opposed to recyclable.

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Glass is and will continue to be a bartender's choice for serving premium shots at a bar. But what about when the party is outside? What about the case where the bartender has to travel to an event? Bringing glassware is a hassle. It can break along the way. It has to be washed before use, washed after, transported back, yuck. Rather than stress over the glass, go with premium plastic.

Great for outdoor parties

Our lovely plastic shot glasses are perfect to use at any catering event, home party or bar room. Our clear plastic shot glasses are great to use for adding just the right amount of spirits to your drinks. Or, for those folks who want a shot of alcohol our plastic shot glasses aide you in pouring the correct shot.

Our disposable plastic shot glasses can also be used for serving desserts like chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream sundaes and much more. It is always nice to have a disposable dessert cup to serve your dessert in at a food gathering because when people are done eating they can just toss the cups away.

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