Plastic PLA Drinking Cups

Restaurantware’s Plastic PLA Drinking Cups and Lids are created with renewable resources and compostable. These clear plastic cups with lids are ideal for serving iced coffees, smoothies, fruit salad, or other layered foods. All PLA cups are available now online for the lowest prices with convenient and fast shipping.

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PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable, thermoplastic derived from natural and renewable resources like tapioca roots or corn starch. PLA plastics break down over time and leave no toxic residue.

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Simple yet effective cups

These cups are perfect for displaying and serving many different cold culinary creations. Everyone will love these cute containers and you will love their simplicity and convenience.

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Why is PLA important?

Our PLA cold cups are an inventive product because they are eco-friendlier than other plastics. These containers can be composted, so you won't have to feel bad for throwing them away to rot in landfills. Help save the planet and switch from your current tableware to these PLA cups.

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Plastic PLA cold cups are made from the finest materials, they can make life easier in restaurant, catering and home dining settings. You can pick from several designs, styles and shapes in regard to cups when you shop here at Restaurantware.

PLA containers for every occasion

Not only are these cups wonderful for cold creations, they are also compostable. Their material, PLA plastic, is eco-friendlier than other plastics because it reduces your impact on our landfills.

Our PLA cold cups are very popular in bistros, delis, and other similar establishments. You will never go back to your old containers once you switch to ours. We have many different options, so you can be sure to pick the perfect one.

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