PLA Cutlery

Our PLA cutlery is an environmentally-conscious alternative than standard disposable utensils. These innovative utensils are compostable, so they have less of an effect on our landfills. Disposable cutlery is vital in many businesses, so make sure to make the right choice, our PLA plastic cutlery.
  • PLA Compostable Fork White 250 count box


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  • PLA Compostable Spoon White 250 count box


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  • PLA Compostable Mini Spoon White 500 count box


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  • PLA Compostable Knife White 250 count box


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PLA Cutlery Information

PLA is better for our planet

We have a large collection of plastic products, including our PLA assortments. These products help expand our plastic products for many different venues. If you are looking for a great way to running an eco-friendlier business, then take a look at our PLA cutlery.

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Add an inventive and green flair with PLA

PLA is an innovative and eco-friendlier alternative to standard plastic because these products are compostable. Switching from standard utensils to PLA plastic will reduce your carbon footprint massively. Your customers will be impressed by your efforts to go green with our PLA plastic collection.

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Disposable cutlery is a necessity for catering businesses, restaurants, food trucks, bars, buffets, and more. The convenience of these utensils simplifies the cleanup process in any business. Now, you can make an even eco-friendlier choice by serving your treats with PLA forks, spoons, and knives.

PLA cutlery is the next big green trend

Companies around the world love our trendsetting PLA utensils because they are reliable and eco-friendly. These beautiful forks, spoons, and knives reduce the clutter in our recycling facilities because you can compost them.

Any business can use our PLA plastic cutlery and take a step to being an eco-friendlier establishment. At Restaurantware, we strive to bring you trendsetting and fashionable tableware, while also reducing the impact on our environment.

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