Plastic Macaron Packaging

Our plastic macaron packaging comes in a wide variety of sizes from small to very large. Each of these great macaron packages are made of recyclable, yet durable, plastic. Each package is designed with a high attention to detail, so you can make sure that your delicate macarons are safe. Although these are designed for macarons, many other cookies, pastries, and other treats can fit in these containers.

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Plastic Macaron Packaging Information

Restaurantware's inventive and trendsetting macaron packages will change the way you serve your delicious treats. We specifically designed these packages with you and your macarons in mind. Each package has three layers, a tray, a cover, and a lid. This ensures your macarons are as safe as they can be when on the go.

Macaron packages are trendsetting and eco-friendly

These macaron packages are unlike any containers you've used before in your business. Our unique to go macaron containers are great for use at any event or venue. Whether you are serving a dinner party or a once in a lifetime event, these macaron packages will showcase your delicious desserts perfectly.

Our macaron packages are made with premium plastic, so they are durable and recyclable. These containers are the perfect choice if you are looking for a balance between eco-friendly and stylish. The chic look of these packages will surely impress your customers.

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