Plastic Hot Containers

Our plastic hot containers are vital in any business including hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, and takeout venues. Our hot containers are microwaveable, so you can feel comfortable sending hot foods home with your customers to be reheated later. These containers are made of durable and innovative plastic, so they are cutting-edge products on the market. Your customers will love the strength and beauty of these plastic hot containers, and you will love their simplicity and convenience.

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Plastic Hot Containers Information

Stunning containers that are heat resistant

Showcase your food easily with our hot containers, the new trend in plastic disposables. These containers are heat-resistant, so they are great for transporting hot foods. You can also microwave these dishes, unlike many other plastic porducts.

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Get familiar with PLA

These containers are resilient to hot temperatures, so they are more versatile than other plastic containers. However, they are not as eco-friendly as our PLA collection.

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Our plastic hot containers will help you store and serve a variety of culinary hot treats. You could use them for any appetizer, side, entree, or warm dessert.

Heat resistant containers for every venue

Restaurantware's disposable plastic containers make the perfect dishes for food trucks, restaurants and party celebrations. These are very easy to use in many different situations.

We have many different options for our plastic hot containers, so you can choose the perfect one for you. All of our hot containers are dependable and specially designed, so any of them would be perfect for you.

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