Plastic Cones and Stands

Restaurantware’s plastic cones and cone stands section includes gorgeous coneware for tasting events, catered parties and special occasions. Disposable, plastic cones with reliable acrylic cone stands are a delightful way to offer your guests samples or small portions. Find disposable champagne flutes and other modern disposable tableware at Restaurantware.

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Plastic Cones and Stands Information

Restaurantware plastic goes beyond cones and stands

Cones and stands are a stunning way to complete your table setting. You could always match these with our other beautiful plastic tableware to complete your look. Your customers will love the cohesiveness of your setting when you mix and match our popular plastic disposables. We have a variety of different colors and styles available so you can be sure to have a complete table set.

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Compostable plastics are revolutionary

We have inventive PLA plastic that is an eco-friendlier alternative to other plastics. This plastic is better for our environment because it is compostable.

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Our gorgeous plastic cone stands are the perfect addition to any type of food gathering. You can use them to amp up a casual food gathering or use them to heighten the loveliness of an upscale food event. These modern cone stands are the best and only way to feature your cone creations these days.

Cones and stand spice up your food display

Our plastic cone stands will securely hold your food cone creations so you don't have to worry about your cones tipping over and falling on the floor. You can feel at ease by showcasing your cone treats in one of the several sized food cone holders that you will find right here at Restaurantware.

Small plastic cones, mini cones and large cone treats all look fabulous and fit well in a plastic cone stand, So, step outside the box, start creating a unique treat for your catering guests by making cone treats and serving them in our durable and gorgeous plastic cone stands.

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